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The key to Storytelling in the events

When Anna finally decided to take her event company to the next level, she found out the digital marketing world is wider than she thought. New terms such as followers, engagement, and reels filled her head. But none of them held as much meaning as the term Storytelling.

In a general description, storytelling is a technique used to create emotions in our main audience. It’s not the same thing to offer a unique event as to talk about the event of the year, which happened to be planned by your company. The difference is very simple: an ad can sell; a story makes people feel understood.

For example: once Anna discovered the possibilities social media could bring to her business, she decided to bring her brand to the digital world. It may sound easy, but the transitioning and learning process needed to do it is quite complex. Anna may have felt uncertainty, and doubts and could even regret her choice; but in the end, her company probably stayed on social media and grew due to that choice.

When people read about Anna’s experience, more than one person can feel related to it. And that is precisely the main goal of storytelling: to let people know you offer solutions because you’ve been through the difficulties too. That way, every Anna out there can read your story and feel understood. And of course, they would rather hire someone who already knows the struggles they are facing.

That is the magic storytelling has to offer in marketing, and taking it to the tourism industry field it’s easier than you think because you’re already working with experiences. Is there a better way to offer a great experience than to narrate to them the one they’re dreaming about?

The best storytelling tip for events is to talk with your client about what you’ve done. If they’re seeking a spectacular incentive trip, tell them about that one where you took all the employees of a great company to Italy. If they need a conference, talk about the success of the last one you and your team put together. Focus on their needs and make sure to surprise them: everything is in the details.


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