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Metaverse: a revolution for the virtual world

Whether it is through movies or our imagination, we’ve all wondered what the internet would look like in the future. And as social media became a phenomenon we barely even expected, virtual reality has been waiting backstage for its moment under the spotlight.

This could become a reality thanks to Meta, the new evolution for the company where Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp belong. According to what the company itself has revealed, the main goal of the so-called Metaverse is to allow every internet user to work, play and socialize on the same virtual level.

Through a personalized avatar, every person will be able to navigate different spaces dedicated to entertainment, their job, or just social life. It has been said that an algorithm to resemble body language could be incorporated. That way it would be easier for every user to get used to the virtual scene.

This metaverse, which for now is more of a plan than reality, is promising a whole world of possibilities related not only to entertainment and social media. There are already several theories about the new job positions and entrepreneurship opportunities in a world where the only barriers would be digital. Some people even believe many new degrees and academic departments will be created to focus on this brand-new reality.

One of the clearer examples of this is the event industry. Its so-awaited technological transformation was accelerated due to the worldwide confinement during the pandemic. And if, in a short time and with so much pressure, it evolved into something so extraordinary, can you imagine the limitless possibilities for this industry with a decent amount of time and better resources?

Another important aspect that caught the attention of all technology enthusiasts is the future of the traveling industry. Where will the changes that will come with the digitalization process take us? Can you imagine how different and easier it will be to plan a vacation or a weekend ten years from now? There is no doubt this topic will give a lot to talk about soon because even if the human mind specializes in imagining things, it is impossible to take into account every possibility related to something as big as this. As it happened with social media, we will have to let the future reach us so we can adapt to the upcoming innovations.


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